Small group training by DBT utilizes circuit style workouts using a variety of resistance and high intensity training exercises with little rest in between to build a stronger, more athletic body.  You will learn to move better, become stronger, and increase muscular and aerobic endurance while maximizing calorie burn. You’ve got nothing to lose but fat.


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Circuit style workouts use a variety of resistance and high intensity training to keep you focused and out of a fitness rut.


Every session engages the entire body to maximize the effectiveness and outcome of your workouts.


No two-workout sessions are the same at Donna Bennett Training. She keeps you on your toes and ready for a challenge. 

Variety of Exercises

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Throughout her workouts, Donna strives to achieve total physical balance.


Some classes focus on a combination of conditioning and core training. Others pair strength training with conditioning to develop a more athletic build.


These sessions alternate so you can achieve total physical balance to avoid one part of your body being overworked than another. 

Balanced Workouts

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The unique exercises Donna uses stem from accredited personal training techniques that offer a multitude of benefits.


During your workout session, Donna focuses on form and monitors your body's reaction to the workout. This prevents injury and reduces soreness after workouts. She also works to increase the mobility and stability of your body while utilizing functional movement.


Donna works to counterbalance everyday physical strains you put your body through. If you sit in an office chair all day long, Donna incorporates movements to help you open your chest and shoulders and keep good posture.  

Injury Prevention & Functional Movement

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Women’s Only Strength training is a 12-week program to coach women on how to safely and effectively develop a workout program that improves strength, posture and confidence.


The hands-on learning and training experience is taught by two degreed and certified personal trainers. In a one-hour class, you get 15 minutes of education and 45 minutes of hard work.


Be prepared to sweat ladies!

Women's Only 
Strength Training

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If you’ve hit a plateau and want to push the limits with your fitness routine, Donna’s conditioning class is for you.


During this class you will learn how to work your body efficiently, within your own limits, in order to achieve maximum results.


Commit to being fit this season!


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