Fitness Food Friday: Turkey Salad

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Sarah Williams is a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado with a Culinary degree and a background in nutrition. She has spent time honing her skills in local restaurants including Giovannis and Fire. For the past three years Sarah has been a personal chef for elite and professional athletes, designing menus that adhere to strict dietary needs. When she is not cooking, Sarah is a mom to two active children and enjoys yoga, biking, and cross training workouts with her husband. Being physically fit, healthy, and knowing where her food comes from are passions of hers. If you would like to reach Sarah personally, email her at Every Friday, Sarah will have a new healthy and delicious recipe to share with the fitness community. Stay tuned for next week's recipe!

Turkey Salad

Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday and everyone is feeling pretty full today from their Thanksgiving feast. I know I sure am. I thought today would be a great day for a light meal using leftovers. For example; turkey can be used in a big green salad with leftover carrots and green beans. It can also be added to a vegetable soup. Sweet potatoes are also great as leftovers. I throw the potatoes in a blender with cooked carrots, celery, onion, and some leftover juices from the turkey. If you need more moisture, just add chicken stock. Blend it and you have a nice low fat soup. For today I chose to make a turkey salad with my leftover turkey, asparagus, and green beans. Kids love it in a spinach wrap served with veggie chips and sliced apples.

Grocery List

Thanksgiving turkey chopped (white meat)

½ cup of chopped celery

½ cup of chopped yellow onion and chives

Leftover green beans or asparagus chopped (you can use any vegetable you have)

Handful of chopped parsley

Mayonnaise, enough for flavor ( I like to make homemade)

Pinch of dried mustard (optional)

Pinch of salt and pepper


Grab a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

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