Fitness Food Friday: Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

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Sarah Williams is a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado with a Culinary degree and a background in nutrition. She has spent time honing her skills in local restaurants including Giovannis and Fire. For the past three years Sarah has been a personal chef for elite and professional athletes, designing menus that adhere to strict dietary needs. When she is not cooking, Sarah is a mom to two active children and enjoys yoga, biking, and cross training workouts with her husband. Being physically fit, healthy, and knowing where her food comes from are passions of hers. If you would like to reach Sarah personally, email her at Every Friday, Sarah will have a new healthy and delicious recipe to share with the fitness community. Stay tuned for next week's recipe!

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

Well, it’s cold season and this is a great way to warm us up. I love this soup because it has so many benefits to treating a cold. Ginger helps reduce swelling of the sinuses and mucous build up which eventually turns into a cough, and garlic is full of antioxidants that help boost your immune system. To make it a more fulfilling meal, I like to add brown rice, bean sprouts, and rice noodles or quinoa to this soup.

Grocery list

2 tsp of canola oil

1 cup of sliced mushrooms

1/2 cup of chopped red bell pepper

4 tsp of minded peeled fresh ginger

4 garlic cloves, minced

1 stalk of lemongrass

3 cups of low sodium chicken broth

1 cup of coconut milk

2 cups of shredded cooked chicken breast (8 oz)

1/2 cup of chopped green onion

3 TBS of chopped fresh cilantro

2 TBS of lime juice ( I use fresh limes)


I like to use a Dutch oven or you can use a big soup pot. Heat to medium and add oil; swirl to coat. Then add mushrooms and the next 4 ingredients to pan. Cook for 3 minutes. Add the broth, milk, and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Add cooked chicken to pan for one minute until heated. Lastly, sir in onions, cilantro, and lime juice.

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