Are you tired of your same old workout routine? Stuck in a fitness rut? Or just looking for extra motivation to lose that last ten pounds? With personal training, Donna will tailor each individual session to your needs and goals. 

Personal training classes offer workouts tailored specifically to the fitness goals you want to achieve. Donna's workout regiment is based on the exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement Systems.


During your workouts with Donna, she will evaluate your movement patterns through a Functional Movement Screen. 


Each individual session can be customized according to the area of your body you want to work on. As you progress in your fitness goals, Donna modifies her workouts to keep you advancing at a healthy pace. 

Personalized Workouts

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If you're bored doing the same routine over and over again, Donna not only tailors each workout to the individual, but creates new and challenging workouts week after week.


You won’t find these dynamic workouts at the average gym. The regular change keeps your workouts interesting and continually challenges your body so you can meet fitness goals more quickly.

Dynamic Routines

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Is your child looking to increase speed, agility and coordination in the sport of their choice?


From basketball, soccer, to baseball and swimming, Donna will work with your child to help establish a solid athletic foundation for their specific sport.


This training is perfect for kids 9-18 years old and encourages confidence, aids in injury prevention, builds strength and increases sports performance.

Youth Personal Training

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